The PhD in Biblical Studies is designed for pastors and teachers who intend to teach biblical studies in liberal arts colleges and universities, churches, and majority world academic or ecclesial contexts. It offers expertise in the Bible (Old and New Testaments) and biblical theology while providing concentration in one of the fields of Old Testament, New Testament, or Biblical Theology. The concentration the student chooses generally coincides with the focus of his or her dissertation.

  • Modified Residency

  • Residential

At a Glance

  • 5

    phd introduction

  • 3

    phd integrative colloquium

  • 24

    phd seminars

  • 6

    phd mentor directed studies

  • 4

    phd comprehensive exams

  • 18

    phd prospectus and dissertation

  • 60

    Total Hours

Program Courses

Some people describe seminary as a hoop to jump through, but I found my time at Southeastern to be a life-giving, spiritually edifying experience. Southeastern encouraged in me an undeniable love for God’s word. No amount of effort is too great to understand it or communicate it to someone else. What I saw, exemplified both in the classroom and even just in the culture of Southeastern, is the non-negotiable nature of the Great Commission. Southeastern emphasized that all of us are called to go in some capacity, and that we are most like Christ when we go to hard places.

Mark Turner MDiv and PhD

PhD In Context

What Can I Do with This Degree?

  • Teach in higher education

  • Serve in a local church

  • Ministry requiring specialized training

  • Serve in denominational leadership

  • Lead in a parachurch organization

Specializations & Courses

  • Students in the New Testament concentration must take 4 NTS/GRK seminars (3 of which must be exegesis seminars); 2 OTS/HEB seminars; 2 Biblical Theology seminars*
  • Students in the Old Testament concentration must take 4 OTS/HEB seminars (3 of which must be exegesis seminars); 2 NTS/GRK seminars; 2 Biblical Theology seminars*
  • Students in the Biblical Theology concentration must take 4 Biblical Theology seminars*; 2 NTS/GRK seminars; 2 OTS/HEB seminar

*Allowed Biblical Theology seminars include BTI 9700 – Seminar in Biblical Theology, OTS 9700 – Seminar in Old Testament Theology, NTS 9700 – New Testament Theology, and BTI 9600 – Seminar in Biblical Hermeneutics.

I absolutely loved studying in the Master of Theology program. After finishing a master's degree, it was the perfect next step to dive deeper into an area of study that I was interested in. I loved being able to take more specialized classes that I wouldn't otherwise have taken as part of my initial master's degree, and I learned so much through the process of researching and writing.

Rebecca Pate

Master of Theology Graduate

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