Theological Studies

The PhD in Theological Studies is designed for pastors and teachers who are going to teach theological studies in liberal arts colleges and universities, churches, and majority world academic or ecclesial contexts. It offers concentrations in Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, and Public Theology. The concentration the student chooses generally coincides with the focus of his or her dissertation.

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Program Courses

When my students start talking about missions, I tell them that they need to checkout Southeastern because that's really the fabric of who Southeastern is with its Great Commission focus.

Evan Lenow Advanced MDiv and PhD in Theological Studies

PhD In Context

What Can I Do with This Degree?

  • Teach in Higher Education

  • Serve and Train others in a Local Church

  • Lead a Parachurch Organization

Concentrations & Courses

  • Systematic Theology
    The specialization in Systematic Theology is designed to equip theologians to serve the academy and the church, in the United States and around the world. It does so by training students in a biblically anchored, historically conditioned approach to doctrinal development, which is both convictional, and charitable.


  • Historical Theology
    The specialization in Historical Theology is designed is to prepare students who (1) desire to teach historical theology or a related discipline in colleges and seminaries; (2) desire to minister as pastor-theologians in local churches; (3) desire to use historical theology in their ministries in global mission contexts. This degree allows students to immerse themselves in the historical eras and their intersection with theological doctrines.


  • Philosophy of Religion
    The specialization in Philosophy of Religion is a focused study on issues of philosophy of mind, metaphysics, religious epistemology, faith and reason, coherence of theism, and other legitimate issues as presented through the ongoing discussion regarding the intersection of philosophy and religion.


  • Christian Ethics
    The Christian Ethics specialization provides advanced, specialized, academic training that equips students to impact the culture through moral witness, cultural engagement, and Christian service in a variety of settings. Students choose this program of studies in preparation for ministry in the academy, in the local church, in public policy advocacy, on the mission field, in denominational service, in para-church ministry, and through general moral witness within the public square.


  • Public Theology
    The Public Theology specialization exists to educate public intellectuals who bring Christian axioms to bear on matters of public concern. Its pedagogy is multidisciplinary, drawing upon Christian theology, ethics, and philosophy. Its object of concern is not merely politics, but the whole of public life, addressing a broad range of questions from a Christian point of view.
  • Southeastern’s Theology program is a great blend of biblical, systematic, and historical theology with electives in major theological thinkers as well as important missional and cultural trends.

    Benjamin Quinn

    Assoc. Professor of Theology and History of Ideas

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