Diversity Scholarships

General Requirements

Southeastern’s Specialized Scholarships are designated scholarships based on specific eligibility criteria, which also require answers to additional application questions. Per a student’s eligibility, these questions may be included on the Standard Financial Aid Application. These committee-determined scholarships are open to current and prospective students and are based on a variety of parameters and the availability of funds.

Students interested in any of Southeastern’s Specialized Scholarships should complete the Standard Financial Aid Application during the appropriate application periods with exception of the Southeastern Women’s Fellowship Scholarship. That application is provided in its description below.

Diversity Scholarships Offered

The Kingdom Diversity Scholarship Initiative

As part of the Kingdom Diversity Initiative, Southeastern is pleased to offer financial aid awards to under-represented cultures on the Southeastern campus through specialized scholarships housed under the Kingdom Diversity Initiative:

  • Eligible students must be from an under-represented culture or a woman in a doctoral program.
  • First preference is given to full-time applicants with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher in all previous undergraduate and graduate coursework.
  • Learn more about the Kingdom Diversity Initiative at Southeastern.

Eligibility Standards

Information about eligibility standards, as well as a variety of other scholarships, is available. Other scholarships may have additional requirements or a separate application altogether.

Review Standards