Faculty Publications

A Handbook of Theology

Daniel L. Akin, David S. Dockery, Nathan A. Finn

A Handbook of Theology is a thorough yet accessible survey of important topics related to the classic disciplines of theology (systematic, biblical, historical, etc.) for the doctrinal and spiritual formation of the Church. Offering a biblically driven introduction to the study of theology. A Handbook of Theology features contributions from more than 40 respected evangelical scholars including Southeastern faculty such as: Daniel L. Akin, John S. Hammett, Stephen B. Eccher, Kenneth D. Keathley, Chuck Lawless, Walter R. Strickland II, & Mark D. Liederbach.

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Daniel Akin

David Black

Kenneth Coley

Stephen Eccher

Miguel Echevarría

Ant Greenham

Brad Hambrick

John Hammett

Chip Hardy

Keith Harper

Daniel Heimbach

Julia Higgins

Scott Hildreth

Ross Inman

Kenneth Keathley

Kristin Kellen

Scott Kellum

Chuck Lawless

Mark Liederback

Adrianne Miles

Steven McKinion

Benjamin Merkle

Dwayne Milioni

Matt Mullins

Scott Pace

Charles Quarles

Benjamin Quinn

George Robinson

Jim Shaddix

Walter Strickland


Jeff Struecker

Greg Welty

Keith Whitfield