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Single Students and Students Traveling Alone

Policies and Regulations

Housing policies and regulations are devised to be consistent with Southeastern’s commitment not only to its students but also to the Southern Baptist Convention and the people who support it. Their primary aim is to help maintain a comfortable setting conducive to learning while providing as much privacy as possible in a shared environment. All seminary housing students are guided by specific policies and regulations.

Commuters must comply with all Housing Policies and Regulations. Any violation of these rules may result in immediate eviction from the premises.

  • Use or possession of e-cigarettes (including “vapes”), tobacco, or alcoholic beverages; or the misuse of prescription drugs by the student and/or the student’s guests in the housing areas is prohibited.
  • No pets are allowed in any of the commuter housing areas.
  • Quiet hours are to be observed. Quiet hours are posted in the dorm.
  • Singles may visit singles of the opposite sex in their apartment between the hours of 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and between the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday, provided there are at least three people in the apartment at all times and no roommates object. Opposite sex visitors are not permitted in dorm rooms.
  • All needed repairs or requests for maintenance services are to be referred to the Housing Office at 919-761-2400. (To report a maintenance emergency after hours, call 919-369-1781.)
  • Furniture is not to be rearranged.
  • No alterations, additions, or improvements shall be made to the Seminary property.
  • Please lock the door when you leave.
  • Personal items are not to be left after check-out. Any items left behind will be removed and the applicant’s account will be charged a fine of $50. The Seminary is not responsible for items of value left behind.
  • The occupant is liable for damage to Seminary property caused by the occupant, the occupant’s family, or guests.
  • The Seminary insurance program does not include coverage for personal belongings. All personal items placed or stored on the premises are at the risk of the Occupant.
  • The Seminary reserves the right to have authorized staff persons and/or approved contractors make physical inspections and/or perform routine or special services to property as often as is deemed necessary by the Director of Housing. Students are required to give access in a timely manner as requested to such workers.
  • Anything that is determined to be a nuisance, hazard, potential hazard, or considered to be in direct violation of the Housing Agreement by the Director of Housing, will be subject to immediate corrective action.

State Law Notice

Please note that no firearms are permitted in Seminary housing.

Make a Reservation

  • Reservation requests must be made at least 5 business days in advance of your planned stay.
  • Call the housing office at 919-761-2400 if you have any questions.