General Scholarships

Application to Southeastern’s general scholarships is open to any current or prospective student in good-standing in any degree program.

General Scholarships are awarded from Southeastern’s largest standard-aid fund for which most students are eligible. Most awards range from $200–$600 per semester or year. These scholarships are committee-determined and are granted on basis of need, while also taking into consideration other sources of aid and current funds availability.

Designated Scholarships

Southeastern’s Designated Scholarships include awards from the institution’s specified sources of financial aid.

These scholarships are granted from funds for which their donors have outlined very specific eligibility criteria. Awards can range anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per semester or year, depending on the specific scholarship. Awards of this type are committee-determined and are based on donor specifications, such as academics, degree program, ethnicity, gender, Christian character and many more.