A Call from the President to Pursue God’s Heart

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Dr. Akin PhotoDr. Daniel Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, addressed a well-represented population of students, faulty and staff gathered for the third chapel of the fall semester at Southeastern. For almost 10 years, Akin has served as the president of Southeastern and has an evident passion for the Gospel and the seminary community.

Akin awarded Dr. Michael Travers, professor of English and the associate vice president of Institutional Effectiveness, with this year’s Faculty Excellence in Teaching award. “He is a great blessing to me and to this institution,” said Akin.

The sermon, preached by Akin, focused on the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. His message was entitled, “God’s Unlikely Champion: The Shepherd Boy Who Made His Name Famous in All the Earth.”

Akin said: “I believe the story is about missions, the glory of God and ultimately points us to the greater Son of David, the Lord Jesus Christ.

“We want to identify with David, but we need to identify with the Hebrew children. We need a champion fighting the giant, sin, death and hell that we can’t fight on our own.” Akin noted that God has enemies that will mock and oppose the advancement of His kingdom, as they are often fearful in appearance, boastful, discouraging and terrifying.

“This giant had nothing less than the giant appearance of a snake in Genesis 3:15 was running through their minds,” said Akin.

“Israel needed a good shepherd to give courage and save the day. They needed the man God had been preparing in the little things to be faithful in the big things. God likes to work through the nobodies far more than the somebodies,” stated Akin.

Akin focused on the need to be passionate and zealous for the honor of the living God. He challenged the audience to look at the hearts others instead of their outward appearances as described in 1 Samuel 16:7. “David was a man after God’s own heart,” said Akin.

“The hero of the story of David and Goliath is God. On the cross Jesus our Champion would defeat death with His death. The greater reversal,” said Akin.

The chapel service was held on Aug. 22 in Binkley Chapel on the Southeastern campus. “In Christ, we don’t fight for victory but from victory,” said Akin.

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