Akin resting well after surgery

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by Staff

Southeastern Seminary President Daniel Akin underwent successful surgery on his colon September 4 and is now resting.

Akin had the scheduled surgery at the advice of his doctors to head off complications associated with diverticulitis, a digestive disorder of the colon with which he has struggled for some time. While Akin’s condition was not life-threatening, if left unchecked it could have led to more severe problems, doctors said.

Akin now faces several days of recovery in the hospital and at least of week of recovery at home. He noted how thankful he is for the kinds words and prayers that have been lifted up on his behalf by friends at home and around the world. He is looking forward to returning to work both at Southeastern and on the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force.

“God is sovereign,” Akin said. “He has his purposes and he has his timing. We don’t question it, we accept it, even if we find it difficult to do so.”

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