Six New Areas of Study Offered for the SEBTS Ph.D. Program

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In the fall 2015, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) in Wake Forest, N.C. will begin six new areas of study in its Ph.D. program. The degree maintains the standard of highest academic rigor, with affordable tuition rates and flexible schedule options.

Bruce Ashford, provost of Southeastern, said, “We are excited to announce six new modified residency Ph.D. areas of study, including Apologetics and Culture, Theology and Worship, Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Philosophy of Religion and Christian Leadership.”

These additional areas of study will offer specialization in a specific academic discipline. Pastors and professors will be equipped to engage the current culture with the truth claims of Christ. The new programs will enable students to teach sound Christian doctrine in the Church and in the academy. Practical teaching and understanding of worship leadership will be provided as well.

Furthermore, other areas of study will focus on the ability to assess and critique philosophical thought from a Christian foundation, discern truth in a pluralistic world, advance understanding and practice of historical theology, and develop the heart and mind of the leader.

“In our Ph.D. program, students may remain in their current vocation or place of ministry,” Ashford shared. “They will make four to six trips to the seminary campus over the course of two to three years to meet residency requirements. Under this model, they are able to complete the Ph.D. within four to six years total.”

The new areas of study are built around accessibility and convenience for the participants, as well as careful curriculum design. “One of the attractive aspects of the new Ph.D. tracks is their inclusion of sequenced seminars, such that the student’s seminars build logically upon seminars previously completed,” Ashford added.

“Another attractive aspect is that the modified residency model is uniquely helpful in forming scholarly community and interpersonal relationships,” Ashford continued. “The one and two week intensive format provides an opportunity for students and professors to have lunches and dinners together daily, and to remain in face-to-face conversation with one another during that same period.” Each facet of the program has been considered and constructed with the students in mind.

Chuck Lawless, dean of graduate students at SEBTS said, “I am excited about these new opportunities for doctoral study. Not only will we offer the highest level of academic rigor, but also offer these studies to students who remain in their place of ministry. That combination — deep study with practical relevance — is what seminary ought to be.”

Heath Thomas, the director of Ph.D. studies said, “These new areas of study add to an already exciting and growing program. We believe they will enhance the top-shelf post-graduate education at SEBTS. We invite qualified students to make application so that together we can work to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and fulfill the Great Commission.”

Applications are reviewed for annual admission, and the admission process is competitive. For more details, please contact the office of Ph.D. Studies at SEBTS by phone: 1-800-284-6317, email ([email protected]), or visit the SEBTS website

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