Curtis Cook calls for a fresh passion for persistent prayer

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Curtis Cook has planted his heart and life in the Boston area as he fulfills the Great Commission. He has served as the pastor of Hope Fellowship Church in Cambridge, Mass., since it began in 2003.

The chapel message at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) on March 18 focused on a “fresh passion for persistent prayer” from Matthew 7:7-11.

Cook advised church planters to “work hard, pray hard and don’t give up.” He mentioned that many like the idea of talking about church planting but the reality of actually planting a church is much different.

He encouraged church planters to come plant their lives as they seek to plant a church and stay the course in the midst of trials and setbacks.

“It is a real challenge to cultivate a life of persistent, consistent prayer,” Cook said.
Cook spoke about his personal struggle “to pray hard, to pray often, and to cultivate a life of prayer in the work of ministry.”

The audience was reminded to respond to Jesus’ invitation to pray intentionally as they seek the promises of God. Cook emphasized, “Every person who has trusted Jesus as Savior and King, these promises are for you.”

Cook highlighted the missed blessings of those who do not consistently pray to their heavenly Father. “Do you understand who we are asking?” he said. “He far exceeds the most exceptional earthly father.”

He described God the Father as perfect, loving, powerful and generous, and challenged listeners to not let the brokenness of an earthly father hinder them from trusting God.

“Any gift is dwarfed by the great gift of salvation,” he added. “That gift alone is sufficient. Jesus calls us to ask for additional gifts but not greater gifts.”

He explored reasons why Christians are quick not to pray including self-reliance. Cook asked believers to confess and repent of prayerlessness as well as ask God for the will and strength to be obedient in the work and ministry of prayer.

Cook called for others to pray with great joy, hope and confidence for the Gospel to go forward and to trust God’s way of answering prayer. “Rest in His great sovereignty,” Cook said. “Will you obey your King today?”

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