Staff Q&A with Jonathan Six

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Jonathan SixJonathan Six is the Director of Financial and Alumni Development at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He shares about how he came to Southeastern and his work encouraging alumni and donors to contribute to the work of the Great Commission.

1. Tell us about yourself.

I’m originally from southeastern Georgia. I grew up there and met my wife there. We’ve been married for over 11 years, and we have two boys, G.W., who is five years old, and Taylor, who is one. I played baseball in college and transferred around a bit, but eventually graduated from Luther Rice Bible College. In 2006, we moved to Southeastern so I could complete my M.Div.

2. How did you come to SEBTS?

I knew that vocational ministry was in my future. The pastor of the church I served when I lived in southeastern Georgia told me I should go to a Southern Baptist seminary, so I checked a few of them out. Then, when I was at the FBC Jacksonville pastors’ conference, I heard Danny Akin preach. I remember saying, “I want to learn to preach like him.” This was shortly after he was named president of Southeastern.

Then, soon after I arrived on campus as a student, I really bought in to the vision and mission of the seminary, so I visited the student development (admissions) office to volunteer to lead campus tours or something like that. I wanted to help others come to Southeastern. I became an admissions ambassador in 2007 and moved into a full-time employee role in 2009. I later became the Director of Alumni Development, and now, I am the Director of Financial and Alumni Development.

3. What do you do at Southeastern? 

I get to hang out with graduates, friends and donors to help them worship through giving and investing in the next generation of Great Commission ministers. 

4. On what are you currently working? 

We are finishing up our financial year at Southeastern. It’s been a great year for overall giving, as we have had our highest number of donors on record. Soon, we’ll be kicking off a year with new initiatives.

5. What have you been reading recently?

I have been re-reading Carl Henry’s “The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism.” Also, I’ve recently read “Unashamed” by Lecrae and “11 Questions Every Donor Asks” by Harvey McKinnon.

6. When you get home from work, what do you look forward to doing? (What are your other passions?)

I really enjoy spending time with my family and playing with my boys at the park. I also enjoy golf, fishing and reading. I’m an elder at my church and enjoy doing that as well.

7. Who are your role models? 

Growing up, my parents were great role models. They taught me the faith and modeled repentance and grace. In ministry, John Broadus, Jerry Vines and Dr. Akin have all been role models for me.

8. If a prospective student asked you, “Why Southeastern?” what would you say?

I don’t know if a school has a mission as clear and as convictional as Southeastern’s mission to be a Great Commission seminary. No matter if you’re going to be a missionary or a church planter or a pastor at an established church, we want to equip you for Great Commission work.

9. What is your favorite part about your position at Southeastern?

I’m a people person. I love to engage people and be a part of seeing God at work in others’ lives. I get to be a part of a pretty incredible team of people who are innovators and are gifted servants of the Lord. 

10. How does your position fit into the mission of Southeastern to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission?

I’m thankful that my daily work has serious Great Commission implications. For our alumni, I encourage them to continue in Great Commission work. As I work with our donors, I help them to see that they are investing in generations of ministry by giving to train the next generation for Great Commission work.

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