The gospel is for all people, Akin charges graduates

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The good news of the gospel, encapsulated in John 3:16, is meant for all people and to be shared across all nations.

Akin addressed why this verse is a captivating truth for graduates, family and friends at the Dec. 8, 2017 graduation ceremony for Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and The College at Southeastern.

Fall 2017 GraduationDiving the passage into multiple sections, Akin highlighted the great and unparalleled love of God that is displayed in John 3:16.

“When God gave his Son, God gave his best,” said Akin. “And God gave his best to die.”

Akin also addressed the scope of God’s love for the world manifested in the gospel message.

“Here’s where we see the massive scope of his love: It is the world…God rejoices in the beauty and diversity of the people groups he has placed in this world,” he said.

Graduates from Southeastern will be leaving and going to places all around the world so that people can hear the gospel, many of who have never heard, Akin noted.

“They will go knowing there are people all about us who Christ died for and yet who have never even one time heard the gospel,” he said.

Akin presented a clear presentation of the gospel message to those in attendance noting that there are only two types of people: those who are saved and those who are lost.

In drawing from a quote by Billy Graham, Akin said, “God proved his love on the cross when Christ hung and bled and died, it was God saying to the world, and God saying to you, ‘I love you.’ Now, what will you do in response?”

A total of 198 college, graduate and advanced degree students graduated this fall, along with four international students who received their Master of Theological Studies at partnering seminaries overseas.

This year’s graduation also included 28 Doctor of Ministry graduates, the highest number to date at Southeastern.

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