Southeastern kickstarts new semester with emphasis on sanctity of human life

On Jan. 28, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) celebrated the beginning of a new semester and the 25th anniversary of The College at Southeastern (The College).

Following Sanctity of Human Life Day on Jan. 22, this week’s chapel services are being dedicated to the issue of pro-life advocacy. Akin opened the first chapel service of the semester preaching on four basic truths Psalm 139 teaches believers about God and his value on human life. 

“Time and time again, the Bible brings clarity to the fact that every single life—from the moment of conception to natural death—is deemed valuable in the sight of God.” 

Akin explained that God knows everything. This means that God knows each person deeply and intimately. It even means that God knows every outcome to any choice we might make. Akin noted that this knowledge extends to those who have been aborted. 

“God knows everything past, present and future… He knows what would have happened had those lives been allowed to continue.” 

Next, Akin noted that God is everywhere. David writes in this psalm that God exists in every corner of the universe. He is likewise present in both light and darkness, which also means that no one can hide from the presence of God. 

“There is no place in all of reality that God is not there,” said Akin. 

We must also remember, Akin said, that God’s can do anything. This is where God’s omniscience and his omnipresence are wedded together to include both the physical forming of a person’s body and the foreordaining of one’s life. Akin encouraged those in attendance that God is intentional in the way he has created each and every person. 

“God is a wonderful God who loves diversity and he loves uniqueness, and he made you exactly the way he wanted you to be.” 

In closing, Akin reminded students, faculty and staff that the greatest apologetic for the sanctity of life lies within the story of Jesus’ death on the cross for all mankind. 

“Jesus is so pro-life, he was willing to give his life for every man, woman, boy and girl who has ever been conceived. That alone should prove to all of us that every life is valuable from the womb to the tomb, indeed, for all of eternity.” 

Following chapel, a celebration of the 25th anniversary of The College was held in Stealey Hall for students. In October of 1994, Southeastern’s Board of Trustees voted to begin an undergraduate program, and in January 1995, The College officially began classes. Since then, thousands of students have been sent out to give their lives for the cause of Christ in the Church, among the nations and in every aspect of society. 

To view photos from convocation, click here.

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