ThM program now offering fully-online format

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) is seeking to make theological education more accessible to church leaders around the world by introducing an online format for the ThM program.

“One of our goals at SEBTS is to train the nations,” said Chuck Lawless, dean of doctoral studies. “By offering a fully online, strong ThM program, we can strengthen gospel workers in North America and around the world.” 

The online option will apply to all ThM concentrations. Students enrolled in the ThM program are required to take four elective seminars, two of which must come from the student’s area of concentration. Students enrolled online will be able to take four upper-level graduate electives fully online. 

For ThM students looking to take PhD seminars as part of their elective requirements, the majority of these courses are offered as week-long intensives on Southeastern’s campus. PhD seminars are a wonderful opportunity for current ThM students to build relationships with others in academia, especially those seeking to enter into the PhD program after completing the ThM. In addition to these changes, the ThM program’s bibliographic research course will be updated to better account for electronic methods for advanced research. 

“In many places, there are limited opportunities for advanced research degrees, like a ThM,” said Christy Thornton, director of Southeastern’s ThM program. “We hope that the fully online ThM can provide the opportunity for aspiring scholars and church leaders to continue their growth and development and give additional support to developing theological academies.” 

The purpose of the Seminary’s Master of Theology degree program is to provide the post-MDiv student with an opportunity for advanced guided research under the supervision of a faculty member in a special area of theological study. Some students choose this program to enhance their academic qualifications for post-graduate or doctoral studies. Other students choose this program primarily to extend their preparation for ministry in a local church, on the mission field or in other positions of denominational service. The ThM is designed to build leaders through personal mentoring by the faculty and by advanced study. 

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