Travis Williams Promoted to Associate Vice President of Facilities

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) announces Travis Williams, former Director of Facilities Management, as the new Associate Vice President of Facilities, effective May 1, 2022.

“Travis Williams is one of the finest and most godly men I know,” commented Akin, President of SEBTS. “He has been an incredible servant at Southeastern who does everything with excellence. He is very worthy of the new role, and I am enthusiastic about this promotion.”

Travis Williams came to SEBTS as an undergraduate student in 2000 and graduated from The College at Southeastern in 2004. During that time, Williams began working for Facilities as a part-time carpenter. In 2004, he accepted a full-time position as the Housing Maintenance Foreman and was promoted in 2010 to serve as the Director of Facilities Management. Williams has served SEBTS faithfully in that role for twelve years while also working on his Master of Divinity in Christian Ministry. 

“I love Southeastern!” shared Williams. “I love that I have a job where serving the mission of Jesus is not just acceptable — or even just encouraged — but is the expectation. I love that, in a small way, I get to serve all the people of Southeastern (students, staff, faculty, and guests) as they seek to fulfill the mission. Though often overlooked, spaces and places are important because they impact people and their purposes. The aim of Facilities is to pursue with excellence the making and maintaining of a place so that the mission of Southeastern and the mission of Jesus continues to flourish. I am humbled and excited that Southeastern has seen fit to allow me to serve longer and more broadly in a new position.”  

SEBTS promoted Williams to Associate Vice President of Facilities after Doug Nalley, the Director of Housing, announced his retirement, having served SEBTS faithfully for thirty years. With Nalley’s retirement, the Housing Office will merge into a new administrative division overseen by Williams. This new Facilities division will include Housing and Facilities support services, Maintenance, Construction, and Grounds. 

“Travis Williams brings to the table a desire to serve people, to see work done at a high standard, and to understand how our campus helps to fulfill our mission,” shared Ryan Hutchinson, Executive Vice President for Operations at SEBTS. “Travis has served Southeastern faithfully over the last 22 years — whether painting a wall, leading a crew, or leading the entire Facilities department. I know that, as he steps into this new role with expanded responsibilities, Travis will continue contributing to the success of Southeastern.”

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