Featured Resource: Alum Scott Logsdon Reminds Christians of Jesus’s Presence

For Scott Logsdon, a two-time graduate of Southeastern Seminary, Christians need to be reminded of the reality of Christ’s indwelling presence and the empowering of his Spirit. In his recent article for The Gospel Coalition, Logsdon demonstrates from Scripture that Christ is at work within Christians, animating their witness and empowering them by his presence to live on mission.

As Logsdon writes in the conclusion of his article, the Lord is not waiting on the Church’s missionary impulse; he is already working within his people to empower and send them as his ambassadors.

“The Lord Jesus isn’t waiting on us to decide whether to be involved in his mission,” Logsdon notes. “Rather, by his Spirit, he’s animating us forward in a work of global proclamation that he’ll accomplish through us. Compelled by his love, we join the One who lives in us — that we might no longer live for ourselves but for his sake (2 Cor. 5:15).”

Encouraging the Church to remember who they are in Christ, Logsdon invites Christians to join the mission of their Savior and King, who is powerfully at work within them.

Read the full article at The Gospel Coalition.

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