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We offer a variety of free resources to equip you for ministry in your context.

We want to equip you to fulfill the mission wherever you are. That’s why we offer podcasts, chapel sermons, and conference talks all in one convenient location, so you can listen on the go from anywhere in the world.


Christ & Culture

The Christ & Culture podcast from our Center for Faith Culture with Dr. Ken Keathley seeks to connect faith with every aspect of your life. In each episode, you’ll see how faith intersects with science, vocation, economics, the arts, or the public square — via succinct, fascinating conversations with leaders and thinkers in these fields. You’ll be equipped to engage culture as salt and light, presenting and defending the Christian faith and showing how it affects every aspect of our lives.

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Pastor Matters

The Pastor Matters podcast from our the Center for Preaching and Pastoral Center with Ronjour Locke and Brandon Ward seeks to equip and encourage pastors in whatever context of ministry they find themselves. Each week you’ll hear about various topics related to preaching and pastoral leadership. The goal of this podcast is to see pastors lead healthy, disciple-making churches for the glory of God around the world.

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The Sent Life

The Sent Life podcast from our Center for Great Commission Studies hosted by Dr. Scott Hildreth is an ongoing conversation about living in partnership with our missionary God. Discover how to live as a missionary in your current context, share the gospel, and guide others into an authentic relationship with Christ. You’ll also learn about topics related to international missions, church planting, and the academic discipline of missiology. This podcast will be helpful for church leaders, missionary practitioners, students, and anyone who wants to participate in God’s mission.

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Fulfill the Mission

Fulfill the Mission is a podcast encouraging church leaders to remain focused on advancing the church and making disciples among the nations. Join Chuck Lawless & Keith Whitfield as they help pastors find ways to connect, care, and lead their people. At the same time, we also should feel the need to reach their community so this show provides a place for you to hear solutions and ideas so we can fulfill the Great Commission in our daily lives.

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SEBTS Chapels & Conferences

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's Podcast consists of chapel and conference messages, devotionals and promotional information in both audio and video format. Southeastern hopes you will find this information instructive and encouraging in your walk with Jesus Christ as world renowned pastors, preachers and professors teach God's Word and discuss important biblical topics related to the church and our culture.

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Dr. Daniel L. Akin

Listen to clear and compelling messages from our president, Dr. Danny Akin. From past sermons to presidential Q&As, this collection of messages are sure to provide biblical encouragement, challenge, and refreshment to believers in all walks of life. Known by many to embody the combination of a strong leader, brilliant scholar, zealous evangelist and genuine man of God, Dr. Akin has served as president of Southeastern since 2004. Dr. Akin has also served as a pastor and professor and has authored numerous books, commentaries and journal articles.

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