DMIn Next Generation Ministry

Next Generation Ministry

The specialization aims to equip students to lead next generation ministry in a church or organization. Students will identify the nature of next generation ministry and the different approaches to the ministry. Attention will be given to the stages of learning development of children from birth through adolescence to facilitate appropriate spiritual development and function. Contemporary approaches to spiritual formation and disciple-making in next generation ministry will be examined to determine best practices. In addition, skills will be developed to establish a strong core of leaders, create a healthy and holistic ministry strategy, and care for families in crises due to such things as divorce, remarriage, death, mixed families, conflict, sexual matters, abuse, physical and developmental issues, etc. Students will develop a vision for building strong marriages and families through fellowship of Christ that affect the students in next generation ministry.

This program is designed to be completed while continuing to serve in a ministry context. The program provides opportunities for advanced study in intensive seminars, courses and field settings. It combines academic study and experiential learning under faculty and field supervision to integrate theology and practice.
This program includes a 1-credit hour program orientation, a 3-credit hour Minister as Person and Professional workshop, a 2-credit hour integrative theology workshop, 12 hours of intensive seminars, 4 hours of contextualized learning experiences, and 9 hours related to the student's final project.

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What courses will I take? 

Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • DMN 8201 - Leading in Next Generation Ministry 
  • DMN 8202 - Family Issues in Next Generation Ministry 
  • DMN 8203 - Intentional Disciple-making in Next Generation Ministry 
  • DMN 8204 - Missional Mobilization for Next Generation Ministry    
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What Can I do with this Degree?

D.Min. graduates serve in ministry positions, and the program is designed to equip them to serve at a higher level of professional competency.

  • Train and disciple children, youth, college students and the next generation
  • Equip others to train the next generation

Learn from over 60 professors who know what it's like to be in ministry. Our world-class faculty will teach you how to think critically about the Bible so you can minister faithfully throughout the world.

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