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Thank you for allowing us to partner with you to train gospel ministry leaders to serve the local church and fulfill the Great Commission. We hope you experience what we believe to be the most robust ministry preparation available for students, blending theological education with real-life ministry. We count it a privilege to be able to partner with you in disciple-making through EQUIP. Your investment in students is paying rich dividends in the Kingdom.

Available Courses

PMN7900/EQC - Mentored Internship

BCO7900/EQC – Mentored Counseling Internship

PMN6501/EQC - Pastoral Ministry & Leadership Practicum

PMN6733/EQC - Christian Leadership Practicum

PMN6721/EQC - Administration & Education in the Local Church Practicum

PRS6101/EQC - Bible Exposition I: Hermeneutics & Preparation Practicum

PRS6501/EQC - Bible Exposition II: Communication & Delivery Practicum

BCO5502/EQC - Biblical Counseling Practicum (Counseling Training Required)

MIS6551/EQC - Developing a Church Planting Methodology Practicum

MIS6541/EQC - North American Church Planting Practicum

MIS6591/EQC - International Church Planting Practicum

MIS5101/EQC - Christian Missions: Principles and Practice Practicum

EVA5101/EQC - Evangelism: Nature and Practice Practicum

EVA6611/EQC - Personal Discipleship & Disciple-Making Practicum

  1. EQUIP Leaders must submit each updated syllabus and all student registration info 4 weeks before the first day of the semester using the online registration form. Please refer to the academic calendar to view semester start and end dates. You are required to know your student(s)’s full, legal names and student ID numbers to complete this form.
  2. Once you have submitted the registration form and the updated syllabus is approved, the EQUIP Offices will manually register students for their respective classes. Please note that students will be charged tuition for the course upon registration. Late fees may be incurred if the student registration lists or syllabi are returned after the due date.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to each individual student making him or her aware of their successful registration and relevant tuition charges.

  1. Begin grading student assignments.
  2. Towards the end of the semester, Field Instructors will receive an email asking to confirm the student(s) and course(s). Please respond with a confirmation and/or any necessary adjustments

I. The EQUIP Leader must evaluate all student assignments* to determine if the student passed or failed. 

II. The EQUIP leader must complete an evaluation form for each student by the submission deadline (one week after the last day of the semester). Additionally, the student must also complete an evaluation form for the course and submit it by the submission deadline.** * Field Mentors do not need to submit student assignments to the EQUIP Network office. ** The EQUIP Office must receive both evaluation forms for the student to pass the course. If the EQUIP Office does not receive these forms by the submission deadline, the student will receive an “Incomplete” as their final grade for the course until this form is submitted. Please refer to the academic calendar for the submission deadline each semester.


I. The EQUIP Leader is responsible for grading all assignments and calculating a final percentage grade for each participating student.

II. The EQUIP Leader(s) must submit a grade report using the grade submission form for each student no later than one week after the last day of the semester.* The grade report should include: (1) the percentage grade for each student’s individual assignment (2) overall final grade.

III. Practicum Field Instructors receive a stipend of $150/per student per practicum course up $1,500. (Field Mentors, those leading Field Ministry courses, do not receive a stipend.)*** Please refer to the academic calendar for specific dates.** If it is the first time you are offering a Practicum, we will need a copy of your W9 form to process payment.