MA in Biblical and Theological Studies

Biblical and Theological Studies

The Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies prepares students to read the Scriptures using Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic and to understand theology through biblical, systematic, historical, and philosophical approaches. It enables students to interpret and teach faithfully the Word of God in various ministry settings and to conduct advance study in the areas of the Bible and theology.

Program at a glance

Total Hours
49 hours
This program includes 4 credit hours in the Master of Arts core and 45 hours in the area of biblical and theological studies.


Additional Admissions Requirements

Admission to the MA Biblical and Theological Studies presupposes undergraduate preparation consisting of an accredited Bachelor of Arts in a complementary field such as Religion, Theology, or Biblical Studies. Students must have completed 3 hours of New Testament survey, 3 hours of Old Testament survey, 6 hours of Biblical Hebrew, 6 hours of Biblical Greek, 6 hours of Theological Studies, and 6 hours of Practical Ministry in their undergraduate coursework to be admitted into this program. Students who lack any of the necessary foundational coursework, but have the prerequisite degree, may take the appropriate remedial courses at SEBTS. Applicants for this degree program must meet these and all other normal application requirements for admission to Southeastern.

  • 3 hours of New Testament survey
  • 3 hours of Old Testament survey
  • 6 hours of Biblical Hebrew
  • 6 hours of Biblical Greek
  • 6 hours of Theological Studies
  • 6 hours of Practical Ministry

What are some courses I will take?

Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • HEB 6500 - Biblical Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis
  • GRK 6500 - Greek Syntax and Exegesis
  • BTI 6500 - Methods and Issues in Biblical Interpretation
  • BTI 6600 - Old Testament Theology
  • BTI 6700 - New Testament Theology
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What can I do with this degree?

  • Teach Bible and theology in a Christian educational context
  • Write for Christian literary publications
  • Work in research institutions dedicated to theological studies
  • Pursue a Ph.D. in an effort to become a professor

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