Ways to Study

Course Formats at Southeastern

Southeastern has a wide variety of course offerings designed to meet your needs as a student. Our differing course formats are flexible enough to fit your schedule!

For any other course format related questions please contact the Registrar's office at

On-Campus Learning

The majority of courses are held in person and on campus. These courses allow you to learn alongside fellow students and recieve face-to-face instruction from our world-class faculty.

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Intensive classes are offered outside of the normal fall and spring semesters. These courses are your typical 3 credit hour courses pushed into 1-2 weeks of meeting time. During the weeks of your intensive course, you will meet each day with homework and assessments comparable to a normal 3 credit course. These classes are typically only offered during Fall Break, Spring Break, and in January.

Distance Learning

Online (ONL) sections meet exclusively online and use pre-recorded lectures.


Online 2 (ONL2) sections meet exclusively online and use pre-recorded lectures. These sections are designated for distance learning students only. 


Online 7 (ONL7) sections meet exclusively online and use pre-recorded lectures like an online section, but the class will only meet for 7 weeks total during the semester. These classes will tend to be 2-part classes such as New Testament 1 and New Testament 2,where the first 7 weeks covers New Testament I and the last 7 weeks covers New Testament 2. Students must register for both sections.

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A Hybrid (HYBR) section meets primarily online using recorded lectures. At one point during the semester there will be one predetermined, mandatory in-person meeting that students will be required to attend in order to receive credit.

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  • Weekend courses (WKND) meet in-person over the course of one or more weekends.

Throughout the year, we offer course credit through conference attendance in conjunction with online coursework.

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LIVE sections meet synchronously online and on-campus. There should be no recorded content in the LIVE section, as distance learners will be watching lectures synchronously via either Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Interactive Online sections meet both online and synchronously. Students will meet once a week for a mandatory, pre-determined synchronous event each week while also using recorded lectures.

Extension courses meet at an extension center of Southeastern. Classes are typically closed, so students will need to be affiliated with the cohort/extension to take the course.

Certificate Courses (CERT) allow you to get equipped with affordable and quality theological education that is self-paced and completed fully online in 6 weeks.

Spanish courses (SPAN) are offered as part of one of Southeastern’s Hispanic cohort degree programs.

The EQUIP Network

Mentored Internship courses enable students to gain practical ministry experience in various areas of ministry under the supervision of a Field Mentor. The mentor and the student work together to develop a ‘personalized’ experience in the ministry organization. Students can take the Mentored Internship during the Fall, Spring, and/or Summer terms.

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