Eligibility Standards

Eligibility Standards for Institutional Financial Aid

To be considered for any form of Southeastern’s institutional aid, each current or prospective student must fill out the Standard Financial Aid Application and submit all requested tax materials within the designated application periods. However, completion of the application does not guarantee an award. Reapplication must be made annually.

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Additional Eligibility Standards

Students should maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA or above to receive institutional aid, with preference given to students with higher GPAs. Some Designated and/or Specialized Scholarships may require a 3.0 or higher.

Students with a status of Academic Probation (a term and/or cumulative GPA below 2.0) are ineligible for institutional aid and should expect their aid to be rescinded.

Students must be degree-seeking at SEBTS to be eligible for institutional financial aid; “credit-only” students are ineligible.

Students must remain enrolled at full-time status for the entire semester to receive the full amount of any Institutional award.

Students enrolled at part-time status before the drop-date will have their awards reduced by 50%. Students who withdraw from courses after the drop-date and fall below full-time status will have their institutional financial aid reduced by 33% for each course they withdraw from. Those who fall at half-time or below will lose any remaining aid. Please note, students who withdraw are charged the full cost of any courses they withdraw from.

Students who are enrolled at half-time or below are considered ineligible for any institutional awards.

Most institutional scholarships are tuition-specific and may not be refunded to the student as cash or a check.

Students eligible for substantial external types of aid, such as the Keesee and NC Need-Based Grants, are expected to apply for those in conjunction with Southeastern’s Standard Financial Aid Application.

Students in continuous enrollment classes should not expect to receive institutional financial aid.

Southeastern does not accept any Title IV funding from the federal government. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is not open to Southeastern Seminary students.

Unless otherwise specified, all institutional scholarships are open to on-campus and distance learning students.