Student Loans

We desire for all students to take advantage of all scholarship opportunities, both from our institution and external sources.

All students must adhere to the loan policy of taking out no more than $7,500 per semester and $15,000 per academic year. All students who request amounts that exceed the policy above will need approval from the Director of Student Resources and Financial Aid. 

We want to encourage students to use wisdom when considering interest rates, payback options and the long-term effects of taking out loans. Student loans should be taken out with careful consideration. Before taking out student loans through Sallie Mae or Regions Bank, please consider the following:

What is your total need per semester?

Interest Rates

  • Undergraduate Students: Variable Rates from 2.25%-9.37% and Fixed Rates from 5.74%-11.85% all APR.
  • Graduate Students: Variable Rates from 2.25%-7.27% and Fixed Rates from 5.74%-8.56% APR.

Please allow a three-week minimum turn around for your loan to be processed and certified.


  • Fall Semester - July 15th
  • Spring Semester - December 15th

Please keep in mind, Southeastern does not accept Title IV funding, nor do we accept federally subsidized loans (e.g. Stafford, PLUS).

How to Apply

Complete Loan Summary Report: Fill out the Pre-Loan Application with the amount requested and the time period you want the loan for. Please also see the Tuition and Fees page to calculate cost per semester.

Pre-Loan Application Tuition & Fees

Once you have submitted your loan request to Sallie Mae, and submitted their Loan Summary Report to the Financial Aid Office, Financial Aid will certify the student’s loan. Please note, the Financial Aid office will only certify the amount that Sallie Mae or Regions approve. The loan will disburse approximately nine business days after certification.

Students who desire to use their loan money for books or non-tuition expenses must request a check from the Accounting Services office after the funds have been disbursed and all tuition and fees have been paid.

While we do not accept federal loans, more information about different types of loans, specifically private loans, can be found here.

Types of Loans

If you are in the process of repaying student loans, information on refinancing and consolidation can be found here.

Consolidation & Refinancing