Student Loans

Student Loans Overview

Graduate and Advanced degree students are required to complete the Institutional Financial Aid Application before we will process a loan.

Additional requirements are:

Southeastern’s standard policy is to certify no more than $8,000 in loans per semester and $16,000 per academic year.

All students who request amounts that exceed the policy will need to request approval from the Associate Director of Student Resources and Financial Aid by contacting the Financial Aid office.

We want to encourage students to use wisdom when thinking about interest rates, payback options, and the long-term effects of taking out loans. Student loans should be taken out with careful consideration. Some things to consider before taking out a loan are:

  • What is your total need per semester?
  • How much of your income can be used towards your tuition?
  • How much are you expecting in financial aid and/or other scholarships?

Interest Rates

Variable Rates from 3.94%-13.126% and Fixed Rates from 5.29%-14.87% depending on the loan company. For examples of possible lenders and their current rates, you can view the following list of private loan companies.


  • Fall Semester — July 15th
  • Spring Semester — December 15th

These are not hard deadlines, but if you would like your loan to be processed by the billing deadline of each major semester, please submit your completed Pre-Loan Application by the dates indicated above.

Please keep in mind, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary does not accept federally subsidized loans (e.g. Stafford, PLUS). All loans must come through a private company. Please allow a three-week minimum turn around for your loan to be processed and certified.

How to Apply

Fill out the Pre-Loan Application with the amount requested and the time period you want the loan. Please also see the Tuition and Fees page to calculate your anticipated cost per semester.