Ethics, Theology and Culture

The Master of Arts in Ethics, Theology and Culture degree program exists to provide students with specialized academic training to engage in thoughtful conversations on the intersection of faith and culture, including biblical marriage, moral philosophy, creation care, and more. Students who earn this degree can serve in a variety of settings and help serve as a catalyst for the church to be a prophetic moral witness in a lost world. Learn from professors who know how to defend the faith amid a growing secular context, and reach the world for Christ.

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At a Glance

  • 4

    Master of Arts hours

  • 45

    Ethics, theology, and culture hours

  • 49

    Total Credit hours

Program Courses

Every class, no matter if it's in person or online, no matter the subject at hand, is one that prepares you as a missionary and leader first and academic second.

Jeff Kennedy MDiv Christian Ministry

MA in Context

What can I do with this degree?

  • Work with non-profits to enact social/policy changes

  • Develop methodologies that intersect faith and culture

  • Teach ethics or theology in a Christian educational context

  • Pursue a Ph.D. in an effort to become a professor

Additional Information

The M.A. Ethics, Theology, and Culture can be completed in two years alone, or completed as a supplement to the M.Div. with one additional year of study. This is because the M.A. Ethics, Theology, and Culture program allows students to use up to 30 hours of overlapping courses toward both an M.Div. and the M.A. Ethics, Theology, and Culture degree. Note: outside of the 30 shareable hours, at least 18 hours must be completed through courses unique to the M.A. (i.e., courses not shared with the M.Div.) to complete this 48 hour degree.

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