The MDiv, B.C. track is better preparation for those with long-term local church ministry goals. The MA in B.C. is for those who will be specializing primarily in vocational counseling ministries. Pastoral candidates seeking a specialization in counseling ministries are advised to complete both the MDiv following the Pastoral Ministry track and the MA in B.C. The Registrar can help a student design a program of study leading to the completion of both degrees.

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At a Glance

  • 61

    MDiv hours

  • 28

    Biblical Counseling hours

  • 89

    Total credit hours

Program Courses

Some people describe seminary as a hoop to jump through, but I found my time at Southeastern to be a life-giving, spiritually edifying experience. Southeastern encouraged in me an undeniable love for God’s word. No amount of effort is too great to understand it or communicate it to someone else. What I saw, exemplified both in the classroom and even just in the culture of Southeastern, is the non-negotiable nature of the Great Commission. Southeastern emphasized that all of us are called to go in some capacity, and that we are most like Christ when we go to hard places.

Mark Turner MDiv and PhD

Ministry in Context


  • Work with non-profit ministries as a counselor

  • Lead a counseling ministry at your local church

  • Work with secular agencies to encourage the world with the gospel

  • Encourage the body of Christ through counseling


Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • BCO 6551 – Counseling Individuals with Problematic Emotions
  • BCO 6580 – Counseling and the Church
  • BCO 6552 – Counseling Individuals with Addiction Problems
  • BCO 6570 – Counseling Parents and Children
  • BCO 6860 – Cross-cultural Counseling
  • I can say without reservation that I believe we have the best counseling program out there. It is grounded in Scripture, practical in its nature, and missional in its application.

    Kristin Kellen

    Assoc. Professor of Biblical Counseling

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