The Christian Ethics specialization provides specialized academic training that prepares men and women to impact the culture for Christ through prophetic moral witness and service in a variety of settings.

Some choose this program to enhance qualifications for further academic study. Most, however, choose this program to add focus to preparation for ministry in the local church, on the mission field, in denominational service or parachurch ministry.

The M.Div. with Christian Ethics can be completed in three years, or a student may complete both an M.Div. with Christian Ethics and an M.A. (Ethics, Theology, and Culture) with an additional year of study. In addition to the M.Div. core, students specializing in Christian ethics must complete 12 hours from a specified list of Christian ethics courses.

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At a Glance

  • 70

    MDiv hours

  • 12

    Christian Ethics hours

  • 82

    Total credit hours

Program Courses

Some people describe seminary as a hoop to jump through, but I found my time at Southeastern to be a life-giving, spiritually edifying experience. Southeastern encouraged in me an undeniable love for God’s word. No amount of effort is too great to understand it or communicate it to someone else. What I saw, exemplified both in the classroom and even just in the culture of Southeastern, is the non-negotiable nature of the Great Commission. Southeastern emphasized that all of us are called to go in some capacity, and that we are most like Christ when we go to hard places.

Mark Turner MDiv and PhD

Ministry in Context


  • Work with local government agencies with respect to ethical practices

  • Write for Christian literary publications

  • Teach ethics at the undergraduate Level

  • Pursue a Ph.D. in an effort to become a professor

Degree Requirements

Below is a sample of courses to choose from. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • ETH 7630 – Ethics of War and Peace
  • ETH 7620 – Christian Ethics and the State
  • ETH 7695 – Christian Sexual Ethics
  • ETH 7503 – Systems of Moral Philosophy
  • ETH 7640 – Created Order and Environmental Ethics

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