In addition to the stated purpose of the PhD program at SEBTS, the purpose of the PhD in Apologetics and Culture is to prepare persons to teach within an academic setting or work within a church and/or campus ministry seeking to have an effective apologetic voice by understanding and engaging culture with the truth claims of Christ.

Students applying to this program must meet all the requirements of the PhD program as stated in the Seminary Catalogue. In addition, students must have a minimum of 12 hours in philosophy and/or apologetics with a minimum of a grade of ‘B’ in each of the courses. Applicants must participate in a personal interview with an approved area faculty member who is to serve as the student’s major professor.

  • Modified Residency

  • Residential

At a Glance

  • 5

    PhD Introduction

  • 3

    PhD Integrative Colloquium

  • 24

    PhD Research Seminars

  • 6

    PhD Mentor Directed Studies

  • 4

    PhD Comprehensive Exams

  • 18

    PhD Prospectus and Dissertation

  • 60

    Total PhD Hours

Program Courses

At Southeastern, I really saw the benefit of helping me think better as a theologian. Everything that we do in the classroom is also spiritual formation as well.

Devin Maddox PhD Graduate, 2022

What Can I Do with this Degree?

  • Teach in Higher Education

  • Train others in Apologetics and Cultural Engagement

  • Serve in a Christian Think Tank

What Courses Will I Take?

Below is a sample of required courses. To see the full list, view the academic catalog.

  • PHI 9600 – Problem of Evil
  • PHI 9700 – Christianity and Culture
  • PHI 9850 – Miracles and the Resurrection
  • PHI 9900 – Current Topics in Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI 9930 – Christian Faith and Science

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