Christian Counseling

The Christian Counseling PhD is designed for counselors, pastors, and educators who are seeking advanced scholarship and practical competence in biblical counseling. The degree provides advanced study in biblical psychology, is grounded in a commitment to the authority of Scripture, a theological anthropology and is devoted to the development of practical skills in counseling. The student will critically interact with contemporary developments in Christian counseling and selected psychotherapies. A modified residency format allows for students already established in their vocation to pursue the highest level academic degree while remaining in their current context.

  • Modified Residency

  • Residential

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Program Courses

At Southeastern, I really saw the benefit of helping me think better as a theologian. Everything that we do in the classroom is also spiritual formation as well.

Devin Maddox PhD Graduate, 2022

PhD in Context


  • Teach in Higher Education

  • Do Christian Counseling

  • Train Counselors in the Local Church


Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • BCO 9600 – Biblical and Theological Foundations for Counseling
  • BCO 9610 – Biblical Counseling of Mental Disorders
  • BCO 9611 – Biblical Counseling of Mental Disorders II
  • BCO 9620 – Analysis and Redemption of Behavioral Methods for Biblical Counseling
  • BCO 9630 – Advanced Methods for Counseling Marital and Sexual Issues
  • Our counseling programs beautifully marry biblical teaching and God-given wisdom through the psychological sciences to produce competent theologian-counselors who can apply knowledge from God's Word and God's world to hurting people.

    Kristin Kellen

    Assoc. Professor of Biblical Counseling

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