The PhD in Theology and Worship track exists to advance the understanding and practice of worship life in the Christian church. It integrates four sub-disciplines (history, theology, anthropology, and worship studies) in order to prepare students for future roles in local church worship leadership, academic research and scholarship, and higher education classroom instruction. This program will be offered in a modified residency format.

  • Modified Residency

  • Residential

At a Glance

  • 5

    phd introduction

  • 3

    phd integrative colloquium

  • 24

    phd research seminars

  • 6

    phd mentor directed studies

  • 4

    phd comprehensive exams

  • 18

    phd prospectus and dissertation

  • 60

    total hours

Program Courses

The high standard of academic excellence and their fidelity to the gospel, the Great Commission, and the local church — along with their commitment to diversity — make Southeastern an excellent place to answer the call to scholarship.

Matisha Dentu PhD student


  • Teach in Higher Education

  • Do Academic Research

  • Lead and Train Others in Worship


A minimum of three academic years for completion

  • Two years of coursework prior to the dissertation stage
  • One full year for dissertation work

Students must complete the program within seven years

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