2 BR – McDowell Townhouses


2-Bedrooms, 1-Bath — 850 Square Feet

The McDowell Townhouses are part of a 100-unit complex built in 1979 and located less than one mile from the main campus. McDowell is for married couples, families and single students. McDowell contains 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and a limited number of 4-bedroom units. Each unit is wired for optional cable and Internet services.


  • All units come with a fully operational stove and refrigerator. All units also come with connections for washer and dryer.
  • All apartments are equipped with HVAC units for heating and cooling.
  • Mini blinds and curtain rods are furnished for all windows.
  • There are two unassigned/undesignated parking spaces for each apartment.
  • Dumpsters are provided for trash disposal.
  • Pets are not permitted at McDowell.

Married and Families

Families may live in 2, 3, or 4 bedroom apartments in McDowell. Families with 2 or fewer children are eligible to live in the 2-bedroom units, and families with 3-4 children (or two children over the age of 6 of opposite genders) may live in the 2 or 3 bedroom apartments. Families with 5 or more children are eligible to live in 2, 3, or 4 bedroom apartments in McDowell. These apartments are unfurnished.

Single Students

Students have the option of sharing a furnished, dorm-style, 2-bedroom apartment in McDowell with three other students. The larger bedroom consists of two sets of bunk beds, dressers, and closet space for four students, and the smaller bedroom has 4 workstations (desks and desk chairs). Living room furniture includes a sofa, chair, coffee table, and end table with lamp. The kitchen comes with a stove, refrigerator, and table with chairs. A washer and dryer are included in the unit.
Shared apartments have “flat rate” rent plans. Under flat rate rent plans, water, sewer, and electric are included in the rent, and rates do not fluctuate when people move in and out. Please see the Flat Rate Statement of Policy for more information about flat rate plans.

*Please note: Students age 30-35 are only eligible to share apartments with other students in that age range. Students age 36 and older may only rent private apartments. Due to significant differences in ages, the administration has set age qualifications for campus housing.