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We want to equip you to fulfill the mission wherever you are. That’s why we offer podcasts, chapel sermons, and conference talks all in one convenient location, so you can listen on the go from anywhere in the world.


Our graduate certificates are tailor-made for students looking for seminary training in a flexible and easily accessible format. Students in the certificate program have the flexibility to continue serving the church while getting the ministry preparation they need for effective ministry. Our graduate certificates are perfect for anyone looking for an on-ramp into seminary degrees, specialized training in addition to a current degree track, or alumni wanting to take specific courses for more effective ministry.

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Want to learn about one or more of our programs at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary or The College at Southeastern? Click the button below to contact one of our Admissions counselors and to learn how you can fulfill the mission.

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We are excited to offer 10 free online courses that can be taken at your own pace. These courses are designed to equip church leaders and members to grow as disciples and fulfill the mission.

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