SEBTS continues to fulfill the mission, Akin reports to messengers

During his presidential report to Southern Baptist messengers and guests June 16, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) President Danny Akin celebrated the many avenues by which students are training to fulfill the mission around the world.

Akin highlighted how this is happening through training the school’s nearly 6,000 students, through Global Theological Initiatives (GTI), and through the North Carolina Field Minister Program (NCFMP).  

“When we say at Southeastern, ‘every classroom a Great Commission classroom,’ and ‘every professor a Great Commission professor,’ that is not a slogan. That is who we are.”

Akin also celebrated the Global Theological Initiatives (GTI) at SEBTS, which works with strategic partners on six continents to create cohorts of selected, positioned leaders from their seminaries, mission boards, denominations and key churches. GTI’s goal is to equip these national leaders so that they will train the local pastors and missionaries from within their various contexts. GTI is currently equipping over 2,800 vetted, positioned leaders in over 30 nations and global cities. This is done through partnership with educational and missions entities in these countries and by locking arms with these global leaders in helping to develop curriculum, organizational strategies, and more. 

“We’re training leaders in these various countries to disciple and to raise up more leaders within their particular people group,” said Akin, who noted how SEBTS is continuing to train Farsi-speaking believers through its Persian Leadership Initiative by offering a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministry, the only such program offered in the world.

Also highlighted in Akin’s report to messengers was The North Carolina Field Minister Program (NCFMP), which trains incarcerated men to fulfill the Great Commission even behind prison walls. In December of this year, the NCFMP will be celebrating its first graduating class of 26 students. The program, which began in 2017, was launched in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Joe Gibbs Racing and Game Plan for Life. The program is designed for incarcerated men with a sentence of 12 or more years in the North Carolina prison system. These men are equipped with a 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry that allows them to bring the gospel and fulfill the mission in a highly inaccessible context. 

Akin celebrated the continual growth of Southeastern’s ever-growing student population, which has surpassed 5,800 students. The Master of Divinity still proves to be the seminary’s flagship degree. This program provides students with biblical, theological, and practical ministry tools for wherever God calls them. The MDiv is Southeastern’s most comprehensive degree program, offering foundational training in missions, evangelism, theology, church history, and biblical languages, and more.  

The College at Southeastern also offers two new degree programs to include a new counseling track where students can receive both their MA and BA in counseling in just 5 years and a Teacher Education Licensure Track to raise up compassionate and gospel-centered teachers to minister public and private schools. The College at Southeastern now offers four, 5-year degrees, allowing for students to gain a well-rounded liberal arts and theological education while saving time and money.  

In all of the degree programs offered at SEBTS, the desire is to see every graduate come away loving God, the truth, the Church, and the world more deeply. These four loves are what compel a Great Commission lifestyle no matter the cost, and these are the kind of students SEBTS seeks to train and send out for the glory of King Jesus. 

“All of this is being done because of your generosity, your kindness, and your gifts,” said Akin to Southern Baptist messengers and guests.

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