“You Go As Ministers of Reconciliation”: Southeastern Commissions Spring 2024 Graduates

Southeastern Seminary and The College at Southeastern celebrated the graduation of 277 students during today’s commencement ceremonies. Graduation is a highly anticipated time at Southeastern as friends and family come together to celebrate the graduates, their academic achievements, and God’s sustaining faithfulness in their lives.

During the commencement ceremony, Southeastern recognized and honored the late Dr. Adrianne Miles who passed away on Sunday, May 5, after a difficult battle with cancer. Miles was beloved by her family, friends, students, and fellow faculty members. In honor of her years of teaching, her commitment to scholarship, and her investment in students’ lives, Southeastern awarded Miles with The Excellence in Teaching Award. During the ceremony, the award was presented on her behalf to her husband Scott, and her sons Zac and Jake.

In his commencement address, President Danny Akin spoke from 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, expositing the great act of reconciliation that Christ has done between God and man. Acting as the author of reconciliation, God sought sinners in order to restore them to himself, Akin shared, and through the blood of Christ alone, believers are made into a new creation. In this they become, not only reconciled to God, but also ambassadors of the same gospel that saved them.
Appealing to those in the audience who did not know Christ, Akin declared, “Today, God wants to be reconciled to you. Will you let him?” he asked. “Will you turn to him?”

To the graduates, he gave this challenge: “We have experienced the miracle of reconciliation; we have believed the message of reconciliation; and as you depart today as graduates of Southeastern Seminary or The College at Southeastern, you go as ministers of reconciliation.”

As you depart today as graduates of Southeastern Seminary or The College at Southeastern, you go as ministers of reconciliation.

Southeastern celebrates the hard work of these graduates and is thankful to God for his work in their lives. During their time at Southeastern, students have been equipped academically and theologically to serve with excellence wherever God sends them.

This is what makes graduation day particularly special as these new Southeastern alumni go into their respective fields to make disciples, serve the Church, and fulfill the Great Commission around the world.


Recordings of the ceremonies to follow.

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