PhD New Testament

New Testament

The Ph.D. in New Testament is an advanced academic research degree.

The Ph.D. in New Testament is designed for pastors and teachers who intend to teach biblical studies in liberal arts colleges and universities, churches, and majority world academic or ecclesial contexts. It offers specialized expertise in the translation, exegesis, interpretation and application of the New Testament in a contemporary context.
The Ph.D. program requires a minimum of three academic years for completion: two years of coursework prior to the dissertation stage and one full year for dissertation work. Students must complete the program within seven years.

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What courses will I take?

Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • GRK 9600 - Seminar in New Testament Greek Linguistics
  • GRK 9730 - Seminar in Selected Greek Texts 
  • GRK 9900 - Seminar in New Testament Textual Criticism (Greek) 
  • NTS 9600 - The New Testament Canon 
  • NTS 9700 - New Testament Theology 
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what can i do with this degree?

  • Pastor a local church
  • Teach in higher education

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