The MA in Church Revitalization is a vocational M.A. degree designed to equip students with training and skills needed to help established churches move beyond decline and plateau toward growth.

In partnership with the Revitalize Network and Church Answers, the Master of Arts in Church Revitalization is a degree program that exists to prepare students to lead and assist in the turnaround of declining churches. Students in this program will develop the skills to apply principles of growth and revitalization, respond to conflict, address critical issues, and lead strategically. In this program, you’ll learn from pastors and professors who have experience in flourishing churches and bringing new life to those churches that have plateaued. Students will be equipped with the training and skills needed to help established churches move from flatlining to flourishing.

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At a Glance

  • 25

    Master of Arts hours

  • 12

    Specialization hours

  • 37

    Total Credit hours

Program Courses

Every class, no matter if it's in person or online, no matter the subject at hand, is one that prepares you as a missionary and leader first and academic second.

Jeff Kennedy MDiv Christian Ministry

MA in Context

What can I do with this degree?

  • Work to develop practices that will help revitalize churches

  • Churches Serve as senior/lead/executive/administrative pastor in local church revitalization's

  • Develop methods to train lay leaders within the church

Additional Information

Admission to this program is limited to persons holding a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and currently serving in a ministry position in a local church or denominational entity. The program director for the MA in Church Revitalization must approve all applicants in cooperation with the SEBTS Admissions Office.

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