The North American Church Planting specialization is designed to support all students interested in church planting, including those who are placed in any of the NAMB SEND North America Farm System categories.

This track combines a campus-based curriculum with field-based experiences where academics are applied in a North American church planting context. Students who successfully complete the M.Div. North American Church Planting track are equipped to become effective church planters who make a kingdom impact. Students will be encouraged to plant their lives among people in some of the least reached places in North America. Please note, while the M.Div. NACP track can easily work in conjunction with the NAMB Farm System, applying for and becoming a NAMB missionary is a separate and distinct process from studying at SEBTS and completing the M.Div. NACP track.

Options for the Program:

  • Available as Distance Learning

Contact Distance Learning

At a Glance

  • 70

    mdiv hours

  • 6

    North American Church Planting hours

  • 6

    North American Church Planting elective hours

  • 82

    total hours

Program Courses

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