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We want to help you go into ministry with as little debt as possible, so we’ve gathered a range of scholarship options for you.

Featured Scholarship

Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund

Qualifying Southeastern students receive between $4,150 to $7,750 per year towards their tuition from the Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund. The Keesee fund benefits Baptist students who are residents of the states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee or West Virginia and who are enrolled on campus as students of many ministry-related degree programs, including the Master of Divinity. Click the links below to find out if your degree qualifies!

Looking for Southeastern Scholarships?

  • General & Designated Scholarships

    Our donor base generously funds scholarships open to all students, as well as scholarships with specific requirements.
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  • Diversity Scholarships

    Explore scholarship options from Southeastern specific to your background.
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  • Missions Related Scholarships

    As a Great Commission seminary, we partner with NAMB and the IMB to offer help to students serving on the field or coming from a missions background.
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Master of Divinity

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